XYZCIRCLE is the productive community full of professionals and high skilled people who are ready to work, share, learn, improve and help themselves and others.

If you are a Project Owner

XYZCIRCLE has a unique privilege you cannot find anywhere except here, your project can be get done by choosing the professional candidate from different types of worldwide crowdsourcing; individuals, circles, SMEs, or corporates. Get your project done and grow your own business with less cost and faster than you can imagine.

  • Start writing a clear description of your project.
  • Specify the cost range and schedule.
  • Receive the proposals, and select the recommended one to get done your project.
  • Checkout when you are satisfied.
  • Control your project progress in every stage till completion.
  • Ask any question to the world and find infinite answers.

If you are a Freelancer

Get started right now to find endless number of opportunities, helping you to build your own future business, and earn more money by productive and entertaining work. Just create your own Circle of different members to work on a complete project posted by individuals or corporates. You can spread your work by cross networking to build your worldwide virtual SME now without extra cost or effort.

Reach faster to the project owners, by filling your profile in less rating than 90%, and keep in contact with the latest posted projects.

How to be a Contributor

Contributors are the leaders of the world, you can be one of the most featured people by creating discussions on XYZCIRCLE, and deliver your message to the productive community for sharing knowledge and effective participations.

XYZCIRCLE can contribute our user to be a Contributor by having these rules:

  • To hold academic certificates like PHD or MBA.
  • To get 10 upvotes per week of every discussion, and 40 upvotes per month.
  • Create at least 5 different discussions in the month.
  • Your discussions or questions to be shared by 40 persons.